1A USB Home Charger  <br> US
1A USB Home Charger  <br> US
1A USB Home Charger  <br> US

1A USB Home Charger

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A monarch 1A single USB home charger is the fast and convenient way of charging, equipped with most compact US plug format provide the fastest possible speed to the connected device. The Compact and simple design packed with over-charging & Short circuit protection so your device always charges at the constant speed.


  1. High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  2. Light-in-weight, Compact design with Smart protection technology. 
  3. Supreme for home/office or indoor use.
  4. Compatible with: all smartphones/tablets and other USB chargeable devices.
  5. Suitable for US plug format.

Technical specifications:

Model No: UT-146A-5100


 1 A


Smartphones/tablets/ MP3 players/Game console/Digital cameras and other USB chargeable devices



 EAN: 6609026717554, 6609026717622,  6609026717790


Warranty: 12 months limited warranty.

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS certified.